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No more using a hubcap hammer, pry bar or beating on a wrench to remove the screwdriver handle. The HANDLER works as a handle puller for most press fit handles. It easily removes the handle from the shaft without damaging the handle. The HANDLER will even remove the new softer handles without marring or chipping the handle. When the HANDLER is finished removing the handle there is no evidence that the handle has been off the shaft!

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The HANDLER works by placing the screwdriver horizontally in the vise. The HANDLER is then easily adjusted to the desired size and placed on the top of the screwdriver. The HANDLER jaws rest between the screwdriver and the vise. Use your CT4410A cordless impact to turn the shaft on the HANDLER until the handle slides off.

The HANDLER has a press fit bearing for easy turning of the shaft. A 5/8 - 18 inch Chromalloy shaft is used to move the U-jaws along the guided rail. The U-jaws quickly and easily press the handle from the shaft. The U-jaws were carefully designed to fit the large variety of screwdrivers and ratchets.